Welcome to AETG

AETG was established in 2015. The group is concerned with applied methods and practical aspects pertinent to electromagnetic theory and its applications. The group investigates a variety of topics, such as the design and optimisation of microwave and Radio Frequency (RF) passive structures, resonance phenomena, geometric reconfigurability in planar resonators, antenna theory, filter theory, and classical wave theory. Applied mathematical methods and analytical approximations are usually part of the theoretical work that goes hand-in-hand with the practical design projects undertaken by the group. Perturbation and variational techniques to approximate PDE systems or wave equations with complex/dynamic practical boundary conditions are examples of areas of active study in recently funded projects under this group.

The group is also interested in millimeter and optical regimes, which sit near the higher end of the RF/microwave spectrum, and new applications to classical wave behavior in such regimes, with novel engineering applications in mind. Topics such as superlensing, subwavelength imaging, cloaking, photonics, plasmonics, and transformational optics are also of interest to the group.

The group includes academic researchers as well as postgraduate students and aims at publishing its findings regularly in top international journals and through patent applications, where applicable. One of the strengths of the group is that it brings together physicists, engineers and mathematicians under one dynamic setting that allows exchange and cross-fertilisation of ideas. The end applications may vary, but usually the underling theory and maths allow the group members to speak the same language. Ultimately, the group members are unified by their exciting pursuits of truth and beauty inside this branch of science.

(This page is under development. More contents about the group’s work will be added regularly.)

Prof Adel Awad, Dr Adham Naji (group director), Dr Amal Kasry, Dr Amr Elzant, Prof Amr Safwat, Prof Gamal Nashed, Dr Islam A. Eshrah, Prof Khaled Yazbek, Dr Paul A. Warr, Dr Sema Dumanli, Dr Sherif Elgammal, Dr Waleed El Hanafy, Prof Waleed Moslem, Yasser Ahmad, Afaf Saad, Assem Elsheemy, Faysal Saber, Haitham Hassan, Mina H. Soliman and Osama Youssef.